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Boston Immigrant Arrivals from Ireland

Transcribed by April 2003
Source: Irish Settlers in America Vol. 1
By: Michael J. O'Brien


Patrick Poor
John Roach
Morris Dunlay
John Dunlay
Hugh McCoy
John McKean
John Molony
James Carrol
Catharine Ceasey
William Dougharty
Henry Clarey
Thomas Cain
James Fitzpatrick
Michael McCarney
Margaret Quark
Jane Kelly
William Kelly
Francis Murphy
Patrick White
Patrick Dumphey
Edward Morrosey
Catherine Corkran
Thomas Casey
Lydia Ryan
Michael Colman
John Dillon
Mrs. Melone
Daniel Kenney
William McGrath
Ann Moore
Peter Doyle
-------- Gilroy
Ralph O'Donal
John Doughny
Patrick Drohan
Simon Hannahan
Richard Welsh
James Roach
Patrick Felleter
Richard Fleming
Christopher Collins
Patrick Power
Patrick Shallow
Thomas Murphey
William Murphey
Lewis Fitch Gerald
John Delaney
John Tobing
Philip Stapleton
James Nowling
Michael Fling
Michael Keeting
Christopher Barret
Patrick Killey
James Kennedy
Mr. O'Neal, a Trader


We hope that this excerpted sample will encourage you to Purchase Irish Settlers in America available from the web site.


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