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Baptisms of the Hoffman Reformed Church 1781-1855
Lykens Valley, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Transcribed by December 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages page 297-298
By: Donna R. Irish 1984


Parents Child Sponsors
Daniel Lubold
wf Susanna Henninger
Elizabeth b 10 Feb 1851
bp 25 May 1851
Samuel Tommas
wf Hannah Hoffman
Elisabeth b 13 Feb 1851
bp 13 May 1851
Jonas Hoffman
Jacob Hoffman
wf Elisabeth Huber
Frances Ellenor b 20 Jan 1850
bp 26 May 1851
Wilhelm Huber
Lusetta Forney
Matthias Bahner wf
Mary Rotharmel
William Henry b 21 Oct 1851
bp 4 Feb 1852
George Forny wf
Susanna Hoffman
Sarah Anna b 1 Jan 1852
bp -----
Simon Yaeger wf
Margareta Bordner
Fridrich b 4 Jan 1852
bp 10 Jun 1852
Heinrich Hoffman wf
Catharina Kissinger
Lydia Amanda b 24 Aug 1852
bp 30 Jan 1853
Jonas Hoffman wf
Elisabeth Lebo
Francis b 26 Nov 1853
bp 24 Apr 1853


Transcribed by December 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages page 297-208
By: Donna R. Irish 1984

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