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Baptisms of the Zion Reformed Church 1765-1861
Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages page 4
By: Donna R. Irish 1984


Parents Child Sponsors
John Adam Schwander
wf Eliz. Reiz
John Adam b 18 Dec 1774
bp 6 Feb 1775
Anna Catharine Schwander
wf Frederick
----- Sewitz Esther, adult, wf George Henry Grumbach
bp 13 Apr 1775
Peter Hertz
Catharina b 2 Aug 1784
bp 13 Nov 1785
Catharine Braus
nee Hagenbuch
Lothar Mirlone wf
Elizabeth Hofman
Margaret b 15 Dec 1791
bp 21 Jul 1792
Margaret, wid Frederick Gutekunst
now wf Abraham Albert bp 13 Oct 1792
----- Gutekunst Christine wf Christian Geres, adult
bp 13 Oct 1792
Jacob Roth wf
Catharine Roth
Eva b 31 Jan 1793
bp 10 Mar 1793
Conrad Marck
----- Gerhard Elizabeth, adult, wf
Abrham Stieler, bp 10 Apr 1794
John Rueb wf
Elizabeth Henrich
John b 6 Oct 1796
bp 30 Apr 1797
Abraham Rincker
Peter Klein wf
----- Bocher
bp 28 Apr 1799
Christopher Klein
John Adam Schwander
wf Catharine Kurtz
Magdalene b 1 Jan 1807
bp 1 Feb 1807
Catharine Schwander
dau Jacob
Abraham Roth
Daniel b 15 Jun 1809
bp 24 Jun 1809
Jacob Roth
wf Catharine Kolb
Peter Schneider
Carl Henry b 19 May 1811
bp 16 Jun 1811
Dr. J. Frederick Ruhe
wf Maria Heerink
Peter Guth wf
Catharine Kauper
Catharine b 17 May 1816
bp 27 May 1816
Peter Ruch


Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages page 5
By: Donna R. Irish 1984

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