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Marriages of the Muddy Creek Reformed Church 1743-1810
East Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Performed by Rev. John George Wittner and Rev. John Christopher Gobrecht

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages
By: Donna R. Irish 1984



Breitenstein, Christian s Leonard dec'd, Anna Rosina Maessner, dau Christian, 9 Dec 1766, both sing.
Stohl, John, wid'r liv Adamstown, Catharine, dau wid of Helenick, Luth., 30 Dec 1766.

Hefft, John Adam, s John George, Maria Barbara Kiefer of Adamstown, 9 Mar 1767.
Hackert, Francis Peter, Maria Gertrude Schmied 28 Jul 1767, both widowed.
Kegereis, Michael, s Michael, Luth., Anna Margaret Hettler, dau George, 1 Sep 1767.
Riehm, Abraham, s Nicholas, Elizabeth Neidig, dau Adam, 14 Sep 1767, both sing.

Franckhauser, Peter, s Peter, Anna Barbara Hirschy, dau Benedict, 9 Jan 1768.
Riehm, JOhn, s Nicholas, Anna Maria Kramer 18 Jan 1768, both sing.
Mayer, Jacob, s George dec'd, Susanna Glasbrenner, dau Conrad of Warwick, 8 May 1768.
Stephan, George, wid'r, Maria Dorothea Bingele, dau Michael, 22 Mar 1768.
Weiss, Christoph, Elizabeth Fellebaum, dau Christian of Adamstown, 8 Aug 1768.

Hoffman, John, s Daniel, Maria Elizabeth Kiefer, dau Daniel, 31 Jan 1769 by Rev. Waldschmidt
Jun, Melchior, Anna Catharine Eckert 14 May 1769, both widowed.
Goetz, Leonard, wid'r, Maria Eva Fassnacht, dau Adam dec'd, 4 Jul 1769.
Giebler, Henry, Anna Maria Jung, dau John, 3 Oct 1769.


Keipper, Caspar, Anna Elizabeth Schneyder 2 Mar 1771, both sing.
Peter, Jacob of Mountjoy twn., Catharine Loescher, dau Nicholas, 2 May 1771.
Franckhauser, Christ., s Peter Ref., Margaret Frey, dau Martin Luth., 5 Nov 1771.

Schneyder, William, Elizabeth Daudrich, dau John, 13 Jul 1779.
Spengler, Jost, Luth., Margaret Weinhold, dau Nicolas Ref., 27 Jul 1779.
Schlaebach, George, Rosina Eschleman, dau Christian, 5 Oct 1779.


Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages
By: Donna R. Irish 1984

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