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Marriages of the St. Paul's Church
Amityville, Amity Township, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
Also called Amity Church
By Rev. Ingold

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages pages 5-6
By: Donna R. Irish 1984



Traut, JOhn, Maria Fischer 29 Jul


Jams (James), Thomas, Maria Catharine Pott 1 Feb

Heppeheimer, William, Anna Kemmel 25 Apr

Strupp, George, Barbara Reim 28 Jun

Tamsen, Henry, Martha Webb 3 May

Weidner, Jonathan, Barbara Gemler 12 Jul

Reali, Samuel, Rosina Mannetter 3 Aug

Sorrells (?), Robbert, Hana Impold 2 Oct


Will, Henry, Hana Schweffel 31 Jan

Conrad, Michael, Catharine Wachter 21 Feb

Jager, John, Catharine Knauer 5 Jun

Saul, John, Hana Fermer 19 Jun

Erni, Conrad, Elizabeth Roller 25 Sep

Kohl, Peter, Christian(*?) Bliker 14 Oct

Reidmeyer, John, Maria Wittman 23 Dec


Behr, John Elizabeth Gerlin (*?) 7 Mar

Jochem, Samuel, Barbara Lamp 17 Mar

Ronschi, Isaac, Maria Guth 10 Jun

Levan, Daniel, Hana Christian 28 Jun

Sassaman, Henry, Sara Ritter 23 Jul

Brautigam, Michael, Maria Frey 14 Aug

Klein, George, Ana Weltner 18 Aug

Heppenheimer, Henry, Catharina Mechkbreit (*?) 26 Dec

Wittman, John, Hana Bledem 29 Dec


Gross, John William, Sophia Bek 30 Mar

Narregang, John, Maria Marris 4 Apr

Stauffer, Jacob, Maria Benter(*?) 17 May

Wann, Henry, Elizabeth Stoffelet 13 Apr

Ludwig, Gottfried, Elizabeth Schmitt 1 Jul

Bell, Carl, Maria Sens wid 28 Aug

Hauck, Andreas, Elizabeth Klein 20 Jul

Lupold (*Ingold?), Frederick, Susanna Bayer 4 Aug

Dederk, John, Susanna Bauer 9 Sep

Deh. Philip, Magdalena Weimann 23 Sep

Peil, Daniel, Catherine Moser 27 Oct


Marres, Jacob, Christina Eidel 11 Jan

Eidel, John, Maria Reiter 14 Apr

Sens, Joseph, Elizabeth Schoner 31 Jul

Klein, Samuel, Regina Don 21 Aug

Dehert, John, Maria Horner 23 Sep

Hess, John, Sara Rabes 4 Oct

Armbrister, Peter, Elizabeth Eberhard 20 Oct

Bejuh (Pugh), John, Susanna Ludwig 20 Dec


Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Pennsylvania German Marriages pages 5-6
By: Donna R. Irish 1984

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