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Genealogical Information Published in the Pennsylvanische Geschichts-Schreiber by Christoper Sauer in 1752 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory
By: Hocker 1980


January 1, 1752

Hansz Georg Schneider, from Gilstein, in Herrnberger Amt, last spring in Germany loaned a sum of money to a neighbor, Christian Ruffer. They came to Pennsylvania on different ships. Schneider lives on the Ridge (Ridge avenue, Philadelphia), near Johannes Butterweck, near Germantown, and he seeks Ruffer.

Johann Jost Eigenbrod, living in Frederick County, Maryland, on Monocacy Creek, understands his sister, Sophia Elisabeth Eigenbrodin, arrived in this country last year, and he seeks information about her.

Henrich Riedt, Old Goshenhoppen (Montgomery County), offers to sell or rent a mill on Perkiomen Creek and 100 acres..

Johannes Schwing, Frederick Township (Montgomery County), offers a plantation for sale, one mile from Grafen mill.

January 16, 1752

Henrich Settler, Frederick Township near Falckner Swamp (Montgomery County).

February 1, 1752

Johann Ludwig Spiesz, tailor, near Lancaster.

Conrad Reich, Shenandoah (Virginia).

Johann Georg Hoffman, with Henrich Schenck, Conestoga (Lancaster County).

Johann Henrich Weidman, care of Huber, Conestoga (Lancaster County).

Andreas Schaub, linenweaver, Conestoga (Lancaster County).

Johann Peter Rabensberger, Conestoga (Lancaster County).

Johannes and Christian Huber, Conestoga (Lancaster County).

Johannes Krausz, unmarried, tailor, with Jacob Hackman, Skippack (Montgomery Co)

Hansz Georg Bergman, tailor, Roxborough (Philadelphia).

Johann Georg Schlicher, New Goshenhoppen.

Maria Agnesz Hoffmaennin, with Altdoerffer, three miles from Henrich Deringer.

Johann Henrich Hoffman, with Joh. Matheus Schmitt, Anweil (New Jersey).

Johann Adam Fuchs, with Christian Klein or Marinus Schmitt, Falckner Swamp (Montgomery Co).

Johann Henrich Fuchs, Falckner Swamp (Montgomery Co).

Christian Klein, carpenter, Falckner Swamp (Montgomery Co).

Wilhelm Hoechstenbach, Raritan or Rahway (New Jersey).

Christoph Nagel, Falckner Swamp (Montgomery Co).

Johann Georg Sauerbier, Oley (Berks Co.)

Johann Jacob Wetzel, Great Swamp (Bucks Co.)

Conrad Seibel, Skippack (Montgomery Co).

Henrich Bachman, Saucon.

Casper Holtzhauer, New Goshenhoppen.

Abraham Drantsu, Goshenhoppen.

Johann Philip Wirthmann, Blue Mountains.

Abraham Landes, Perkasie.

Johann Jacob Hippel, Trappe.

Matheus Hollebach and Matheus Reichert offer for sale a plantation in Hanover Township, in Falckner Swamp, on the road from Philadelphia to Oley (Montgomery Co), where the late Georg Schoener lived. The house has been an inn for many years.

Jacob Storck arrived last autumn from Alsace, from RittersHofen, in the Hattner-Amt. His mother, Anna Maria Storckin, with her son Dewald and daughter Anna Maria, arrived this autumn and they are free of passage costs. They seek Jacob. They are with Johannes Kuhn, near the Reformed Church, Philadelphia.

Johann Gottschalck, Skippack, in Hatfield Township (Montgomery Co), advertises that his apprentice, Jacob Knausz, 16 years old, ran away.

Sebastian Beisch, Durham road, seven miles below Durham Furnace (Bucks Co), offers his plantation for sale.

Johann Nicolaus Kreszmann, a quater mile from the upper end of Germantown, back of the Lutheran Church, offers his place for sale or rent.

March 1, 1752

Johann Friedrich Vigera, Arch street, Philadelphia, opposite the Academy, between Fourth and Fifth streets sells books..

Johannes Mueller, from Knillingen, son of a gold refiner, arrived in America 16 years ago. This autumn his brother Andreas arrived and he seeks Johannes. Andreas is with Paul Koester, Skippack (Montgomery Co).

Susanna Dusiusin, widow, formerly of Schoharie (New York), later of Germantown, is asked to communicate with Mr. Brunnholtz, Philadelphia.

April 1, 1752

Johannes Becker, Paradise Run, over the Susquehanna, three hours from York.

Johann Jost Zimmerman, over the Susquehanna, in Virginia, twelve hours from Bergstrasz.

Wilhelm Hoffman, over the Susquehanna, Paradise Township, York County.

Christian Freindel, Germantown.

Daniel Schneider came from Nassau-Siegischen two years ago. Two brothers, Caspar and Hansz Henrich, arrived last autumn and are living in Anweil (NJ), near Peter Jung, together with their brother in law, Anton Stutt. Stutt also has news for Henrich Hartman, who arrived in America two years ago, from Nassau-Siegenischen.

Johannes Mack, Goshenhoppen, wants a smith.

Ludwig Steffen, Frederick County, Virginia, has land for sale.

Friedrich Schell, on Little Saucon Creek.

April 16, 1752

Johann Detier, Stockingweaver, lower Germantown, advertises that his servant, Zacharias Jordan, native born, 18 years old, ran away.

Johann Peter Klump, tailor, near the Reformed Church, Germantown; wife, Hanetta Amalia.

Joseph Hart, sheriff of Bucks Co, advertises the sale of the grist mill and 200 acres in Heidelberg Township, belonging to Georg Croner, at Johannes Drechsler's Macungie, on execution of Henrich Kepler and JOhannes Hambrecht.

Henrich Mueller, from Switzerland, Zurich Gebiet, arrived in America eight years ago, with his daughters, Regely and Elisabeth, and they were separated. Elisabeth is with Peter Zimmerman, at Swamp, and will be free in the autumn of next year. She seeks news of her father and sister.

Daniel Womelsdorff, Oley (Berks Co), advertises for a papaermaker to operate his mill on shares..

Friedrich Erb, joiner, North Wales (Gwynedd, Montgomery Co)

Christian Brechviel's widow, Swatara.

Christian Reidenbach, Weidenthal (Berks Co)

Joh. Jacob Gertenhayer, Macungie (Lehigh Co)

Philip Wentz, Old Goshenhoppen (Montgomery Co)

May 1, 1752

Anna Maria Wolfelspergerin, born Heimbergerin, on the voyage to America placed her clothing in the custody of Philip Ernst Wagner, white nailsmith, from Wurtemberg, Mockmuhler Amt. She seeks information about him. She is with Christian Buechsler, Cocalico Township, one mile from Hansz Bucher (Lancaster Co).

Johann Conrad Spiesz, Kreisz Creek.

May 16, 1752

Friedrich Eschbach and Johannes Hugel are going to Germany after the harvest. They will take letters if forwarded to Johannes Eschbach or Johannes Hugel, Falckner Swamp (Montgomery Co).

Georg Voegele, Oley Hills (Berks Co); wife Catharina.

June 1, 1752

Johann Michel Immel, Manheim Twp, Lancaster Co, advertises that his servant, Lenert Merckel, 40 years old, ran away. He has friends in Skippack (Montgomery Co).

Friedrich Hertzog, Upper Salford, Ridge Valley (Montgomery Co), offers to sell a mill and farm.

Philip Meth, Tulpehocken Twp (Berks Co); wife Anna Maria.

Anthony Neuhaus, merchant, Germantown, opposite Holtzappel.

June 16, 1752

The later Peter Koch's plantation at Chestnut Hill (above Germantown), next to Wigart Miller, is for sale, with an adjacent paper mill, several houses and 200 acres.

Leonhart von Rufft, Colebrokkdale Twp (Berks Co), with John Potts.

Hansz Gnaege, Bethel Twp (Berks Co), advertises that he bought 250 acres from Michael Theisz, Tulpehocken, and gave him bonds, but a disagreement ensued and he will not pay the bonds.

James Lennox, over the Susquehanna, on Beaver Creek, thirteen miles from York, northwest toward Carlisle, on the Great road, offers a plantation at public sale.

Gottfried Reichert, from Staedten unterm Heuchelberg, has heard that his father, Martin Reichert, has arrived in America and wishes to hear from him.

Georg Becker, Kensington (Philadelphia); wife, Elisabeth.

Michel Fischer, Alsace (Berks Co); wife, Anna Margretha.

July 1, 1752

Georg Joerger and Bernhart Dotterer, Executors, offer for sale a mill in Colebrookdale (Berks Co), two miles from Potts' iron works, where the late Rudolph Maroloff lived.

Johannes Landes, Colebrookdale, near John Potts (Berks Co).

Henry Schreffler, oil mill, near Germantown.

July 16, 1752

Henry Schellenberger and Rudolph Sorber, executors, offer for sale the mill of the later Casper Meyer, near Germantown.

Johann Schutzmann was shot and killed last Wednesday in Bern Twp (Berks Co), by Michael Renner, who mistook Schutzmann for a deer at a salt lick.

August 16, 1752

Anna Longstreth, Warminster Twp, Bucks Co, advertises that her German servant, Eva Maria Naegelin, 33 years old, ran away.

Cornelius Bogert, innkeeper, Raritan (NJ), advertises that his German servant, Henrich Theodorus Tettman, ran away.

Johannes Martin, five miles above Trapper, over teh Schuylkill, near Simon Schunck (Chester Co), is going to Germany for the autumn fair. Commissions for him may be left with Johannes Utzman, Lancaster, or Jacob Kern, Reading.

Peter Reinhart, Old Goshenhoppen, on Perkiomen Creek (Montgomery Co).

Georg Weisel, Perkasie, on the Branch (of Perkiomen Creek), Rockhill Twp (Bucks Co).

Leonhart Reber, on the Andoloni, in Wentzler Twp.

Hansz Martin Gehrig, Exeter, Berks Co.

September 16, 1752

Jacob Graf, Second street, Philadelphia, mason, advertises that his German servant, Leonhart Sommer, 23 years old, ran away..

Jacob Craffert has rented a fulling mill on Wissahickon Creek from William Rittenhouse. It was built by Mathias Englis.

Anna Barbara Braeunischoltzerin, Great Swamp, near Michel Eberhart, came to America with her son, Hansz Adam Braeunischoltz. The son was indentured to a German named Jacob Frey, who cannot now be found, and the mother seeks information about him.

Peter Eberhart, on Neshaminy Creek, in Hetfort twp, bought Friedrich Gotz's plantation and gave bonds, which are now in dispute.

Jacob Ziegenfusz, Rockhill Twp, Bucks Co..

Peter Knecht, Lower Saucon (Northampton Co).

October 1, 1752

Philip Henrich Hauptman, Allemangel (Albany Twp, Berks Co), in the Blue Mountains.

Johannes Willems, Oley (Berks Co).

Elias Heszle, Goshenhoppen.

Abraham Hiestand, Great Swamp, Bucks Co, offers his plantation for sale..

Christian Rincker, Lower Saucon Twp, Northampton Co.

Dietrich Ramsauer, New Providence, near Trappe, offers for sale the plantation where he now lives.


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