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Genealogical Information Published in the Philadelphische Correspondenz by Melchior Steiner in 1781 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory page 162-163
By: Hocker 1980


June, 1781

Inquiry for Johann Michael Beyerfalck, who, with his wife and one daughter, came to Pennsylvania about forty years ago from Zweibruecken and settled near Georgetown, in the Holz Schwamm. The daughter married a European.

July 23, 1781

Jacob Ulrich Siltzel, baker, Fourth street, adjoining Zion Church, Philadelphia, born in Neckergroeningen, Wurtemberg, is going to Germany.

Maria Armbruester, midwife, after thirty year' experience in Albany N.Y., has established herself in Philadelphia, on the south side of Race street, between Front and Second, opposite Christian Schneider and adjoining Mrs. Pinyard.

August 22, 1781

Georg A. Becker, general store, Arch street ferry, Philadelphia.

August 29, 1781

Anton Stiemer, dealer in leather, returns to Philadelphia and is engaged in business on Second street, at the corner of New street, between Race and Vine and adjoining Georg Schlosser.

Anna Elisabeth Eigen seeks her cousin, Johann Dewalt Leibrock, who was born in Zweibruecken, in Vogelbach, and came to America eleven years ago.

September 26, 1781

Jacob Herman, Maxatawny, Berks County, seeks the children of his brother Friedrich, last known to have lived near Wister's glass house (Salem N.J.).

October 24, 1781

Philip Jacob Lischer, with Conrad Hess, Race street, Philadelphia, seeks his mother's brother, Paulus Maerker, a miller, born at Langen Sulzbach, Lower Alsace, who came to America about thirty years ago.

November 28, 1781

Adam Franck, medical doctor, who lived on the Mohawk River for fifteen years and for the past four years was regimental doctor under Colonel Gleyd, is now practicing medicine in Philadelphia, being located with William Jordan, on Eighth street. Dr. Franck's wife was murdered by Indians a year ago, and last summer his buildings were burned and he lost his cattle.


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