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Genealogical Information Published in the Philadelphische Correspondenz by Melchior Steiner in 1782 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory page 163-165
By: Hocker 1980


February 13, 1782

Dr. Bodo Otto, for several years a surgeon in the hospitals in the Continental army, is now practicing medicine in Philadelphia, being located on Fifth street, opposite the old Lutheran Church.

February 20, 1782

Friedrich Doersch has begun to ride post between Philadelphia and Lancaster, leaving Philadelphia on Thursday at 2 PM and arriving in Lancaster on Friday afternoon, and leaving Lancaster on Tuesday morning and arriving in Philadelphia Wednesday afternoon, at William Geisses King of Prussia inn, Market street, between Third and Fourth.

March 27, 1782

Conrad Boyer, Limerick Township (Montgomery County), advertises that his German servant, Matthias Preis, 18 years old, ran away.

Daniel Preisz, South Branch of the Shenandoah River, Virginia.

Michael Lahinger, Winchester, Va.

April 10, 1782

Johann E. Schweighaus, Second street, Philadelphia, seeks Barbara Maerkly, born Tschoppin, who came to America from Switzerland ten years ago, with her husband, Hans Maerkly, who was born in Dueren. They brought their seven children with them.

A mother of Tuebingern, Wurtemberg, seeks her son, Johannes Haupt, who several years ago was the servant of a captain in Philadelphia.

May 29, 1782

Georg Zeisieger, experienced schoolmaster in German and English, will open a German and English school on June 3, on Stein street, Philadelphia, entrance on Moravian alley, second house from Third street.

July 2, 1782

William and Christian Butz and Moses Yarman dissolve their partnership at Chelsea iron works, Sussex County, N.J., August 1, Yarman will thereafter operate the Oxford iron works, in Sussex County, and William and Christian Butz will operate Mount Pleasant Furnace, Berks County, Pa.

July 16, 1782

Nicolaus Yont, Earl Township, Lancaster County, gives notice that Daniel Morton has absconded. He is a saddler, 23 years old, was born in New England, and has a brother, Joseph, also a saddler.

July 23, 1782

Friedrich Schinckel resumes business as a tanner on Market street, between Third and Fourth, Philadelphia, opposite the King of Prussia inn.

August 6, 1782

Georg Lehman opens an apothecary shop on Second street, Philadelphia, between Race and Vine, opposite Colonel Farmer's house. He learned the business in one of the leading houses of Philadelphia.

September 3, 1782

Information is sought as to John Christian Thielmann, who is believed to be in Pennsylvania. His father died in Dresden in 1781.

September 10, 1782

Ludwig Steigner, on Captain Fortner's place, at Falls of Schuylkill (Philadelphia).

October 1, 1782

Dr. Bodo Otto is now located with Widow Tripolet, in Baltimore, and has opened an apothecary shop.

October 22, 1782

Jacob Lahn will open a night school for instruction in the French language, on October 28, on Arch street, in Chancery lane, between Front and Second streets; a lamp before the door. Limit, twelve students.

October 29, 1782

William Green has opened a store in Reading, opposite William Reeser.

December 24, 1782

The widow of Johann Jost Metzeler is notified that her father, Georg Ludwig, of Herborn, in Ocanien Nassau Dillenburg, died some time ago, leaving her 2000 gulden.


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