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Genealogical Information Published in the Philadelphische Correspondenz by Melchior Steiner in 1783 of German settlers in Philadelphia/Germantown and the surrounding area

Transcribed by March 2003
Source: Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory page 165-168
By: Hocker 1980


January 21, 1783

Andreas Huck, dealer in "wet goods," has removed from Water street to Fourth street, Philadelphia, seven houses below Walnut.

Leonhard Schwengel, grist and saw mill, Washington County, Maryland, five miles from Hagerstown.

June 3, 1783

Leonhard Brauer seeks information about his wife's brother, Peter Dormeyer, born in Diemringer Amt, Dorf Deringer, who in 1764 came to America, with his sister, Carolina Christina, and her husband, and was indentured. Dormeyer is believed to be in the dry lands near Bethlehem. Notify Jacob Friesz, innkeeper, Salem County, N.J.

Christiana Nufferin, from Rothenburg, on the Necker, who came to America about thirty-four years ago and lived at Allentown, seeks her son Christian and her three daughters, Christiana, Catharina and Veronica.

June 10, 1783

Henrich Hauptmann, born in Alsace, near Strasburg, who came to Philadelphia in 1773, is asked to visit his brother in New York, No 8 Bowery lane.

Andreas Herzog, Water street, near Chestnut, Philadelphia, advertises that his apprentice, William Bender, ran away. He is 12-13 years old and is well acquainted in Germantown.

June 24, 1783

Johannes Weber, born in Rodenbach, Amt Heyger, Nassau-Dillenburg, is going to Germany.

July 8, 1783

Dr. Joseph Schmitt, who recently arrived from Germany to study botany in America, is practiciing medicine at the Golden Swan inn, Third street, between Arch and Race, Philadelphia.

Philip Schwartz, born in Weingarten, Oberamt Germersheim, in the Palatinate, is going to Germany.

July 22, 1783

Jacob Marx seeks Philip Klein, born in Adenbach, who served his time as a redemptioner fifteen miles from Philadelphia. Notify Jacob Ableiter, seven-mile stone, Germantown.

July 29, 1783

Andreas Weiler, Douglass Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery), seeks his cousin, Friedrich Weiler, who was born at Sprengingen, two hours from Kreuzenach. As a redemptioner he was in the service of Matthias Schlauch, Lancaster, five years ago.

August 12, 1783

Dr. Jacob Rieger and Company open a store in Lancaster at the corner of King and Queen streets, near the door of the court house and opposite matthias Schlouch.

September 9, 1783

P.E. Delius, Philadelphia, with Peter Whitesides and Company, seeks A.H. Willmans, from Bielefeld, Grafschaft Sparenberg, Prussia.

Johann Nicolaus Hagenau, from Hamburg, opens a store in Mrs. MacFunn's house, Second street, between Race and Vine, Philadelphia.

Daniel Braeutigam removes from Second street to Race street and Moravian alley, Philadelphia. He sells cutlery, books and stationery.

Johann Friedrich Langenbeign and Company, from Hamburg, open a store on Front street, between Market and Chestnut, Philadelphia, in Charles Risk's house.

Michael Trautman, Frederick County, Md., twelve miles from Frederick.

September 16, 1783

Joseph Schober and Company open a grocery store on Second street, above Race, Philadelphia, adjoining the store of Waeger and Habecher.

Ludwig Denig, Lancaster, advertises that his German apprentice, Leonhard Krumbein, ran away. He is a shoemaker, 19 years old..

Johannes Rheiner, from Frankfort on the Main, opens a dry goods store on Third street, Philadelphia, in the house of Jacob Dieterich, tobacco manufacturer.

September 30, 1783

Notice to Johann Meli, born at Baar, Alsace, that his sister, Catharina Meli, single, died in February, in Brussels.

October 7, 1783

Friedrich Doersch and Georg Haas operate the post wagon between Philadelphia and Lancaster, leaving Philadelphia on Monday and returning on Tuesday, leaving again on Thursday and returning on Friday. The Philadelphia terminus is at the King of Prussia inn, Market street, between Third and Fourth, and the Lancaster terminus is at the Black Horse inn, Queen street.

Philip Steinmetz, Macungie Township, seven miles from Allentown (Lehigh County), is going to Germany in June 1784. He was born in Salmschen an der Nah. He seeks information about Henrich Strom, from Hoff in Winter an der Nah, with whom he came to America about eighteen years ago.

October 28, 1783

Johann Christian Pieters, Philadelphia, born in Harburg, Lunenburg, has been in America a long time.

Friedrich Wilhelm Jericho, doctor and eye specialist, from Eisenach, Saxony, recently arrived in Philadelphia, and may be consulted at his lodgings, with Mrs. Elliott, Second street, opposite the Black Bear inn.

December 23 Dr. Jericho announces his removal to the house of Robert Scott, adjoining Sharp Delany.

Reuben Haines, Philadelphia, advertises that his German servant, Johann Michael Meyer, ran away. He is a brewer and brandy burner, about 35 years old, and arrived recently from Holland.

November 4, 1783

Thuun and Boden, from Hamburg, conduct a bookstore on Second street, Philadelphia, the second house below South street. They seek information about Gerhard Meyer, born at Geren, Amt Kahlenberg, near Hanover, who left for America October 21, 1772.

Bache and Schee sell Saxon mineral products, Chestnut street, near Front, Philadelphia.

Georg Schaeff, on John Bissel's place, Ridge road, between the third and fourth milestones, Philadelphia County.

November 11, 1783

Georg Vogel, dry goods merchant, removes from Arch street to Third street, the second house above the Golden Swan inn, Philadelphia.


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