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List of Convicts From Bristol to South Carolina

Transcribed by December 2003
Source: New World Immigrants Volume 2 Page 532
By: Tepper 1980


"List of Convicts Imported from Bristol to the province of South Carolina on board the Ship called the Expedition John McKenzie was."

Convicted 4th October 1726 Felony 7 years
Edward Bond

Convicted 16th March 1727 Felony 7 years
Mary Walter
Henry Cooper
Eliz Ends
Solomon Grar
John Moore
John Dudson
Thos. Oliver

Wm Purnell

Convicted 24 August Felony 7 years
Wm. Thompson
Thos Smith
Mary Deeley
Jane Lewis

Convicted 14 Sep. 1728 Felony 7 years
Mary Robertson
Wm. Vaughan
Sam. Foster
Robt. Kates
Wm. Fitchut

Convicted 8 January 1728 Felony 7 years
Wm. Richardson

Convicted 22nd July 1728 Felony 14 years
John Evans
Joseph Ashton
Ralph Phillips

Caleb Stowell
Mary Hillier


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