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List of Names of the Living in Flourdien Hundred Virginia
February the 16, 1623

Transcribed by January 2004
Source: The Originial Lists of Persons of Quality Page 171
By: Hotten 1974


Richard Gregory
Edward Alborn
Thomas Dillimager
Thomas Hach
Anthony Jones
Robert Guy
William Strachey
John Browne
Annis Boult
William Baker
Theoder Beriston
Walter Blake
Thomas Watts
Thomas Doughty
Richard Spurling
John Woodson
William Straunge
Thomas Dune
John Landman
Leonard Yeats
George Levet
Thomas Haway
Thomas Filenst
Robert Smith
Thomas Grinder
Thomas Gasko
John Oliues [Olives]
Christopher Pugett
Robert Peake
Edward Tramorden
Henry Linge
Gibert Peppet
Thomas Mimes
John Linge
John Gale
Thomas Barnett
Roger Tompson
Ann Tompson
Ann Doughty
Sara Woodson
At this point the book lists the following 7 times: Negors
Grivell Pooley minster
Samuell Sharp
John Vpton
John Wilson
Henry Rownige [or Rowinge]
Nathaniell Thomas
William Barrett
Robert Okley
Richard Bradshaw
Thomas Sawell
John Bamford
The book lists the following as "Negors men"
an Negors woman


Transcribed by January 2004
Source: The Originial Lists of Persons of Quality Page 171
By: Hotten 1974

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