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Irish Vital Records

Featured Article

Researching Ireland at Home and Abroad
– Dwight A. Radford

Sometimes the hardest part of Irish research is actually deciding where to begin and at what point enough information has been gathered so that efforts can move into Irish records. But, the search for Irish origins is a combined research effort in the country where an immigrant settled, and in Irish records—preferably in that order. The biggest mistake a researcher can make when beginning Irish research is to "jump over the water" too quickly. If Irish records are examined prematurely, efforts can quickly come to a stand still.

One of the best strategies in beginning Irish research is to make an inventory of what is already known about a family who immigrated, and then to begin filling in missing information from records in the country where the ancestors settled. The average Catholic and Protestant church records in Ireland start in the late 1700s or early 1800s and are only partially indexed. And many Irish surnames are so common that an inquiry of indexed records would likely produce hundreds of individuals with the same name and no way to know which one is the ancestor. Therefore, learning as much as possible about the immigrant ancestor before taking a research trip to Ireland increases the chances of successfully identifying them once research moves into Irish records.Click to Continue Article

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Are Your Ancestors from Ireland, Germany, Italy, or Russia?

Western Ireland, 1691

Ireland, 1641-1892

Family History in Ireland

Ireland, 1550-1653

Cyclopedia of Ireland on CD-ROM, Family History Made Easy: Step by Step, and more!

Ireland, ca. 1570

Administrative Divisions in Ireland

Researching Ireland at Home and Abroad

Probate in Ireland, Part 1: From 1858

A Nation in Distress: The Poor of Ireland

Ireland, 1641-1892

News from the Genealogical Society of Ireland

Probate in Ireland, Part 2: Up to 1857

Ireland, ca. 1500

Ireland, 1550-1653

Western Ireland, 1691

Townlands: Focus on Northern Ireland

Ireland Cancels St. Patrick's Day Parade

Ireland, 1641-1892

A Message from the Genealogical Society of Ireland: Foot and Mouth Disease

Dublin, Ireland, 1610

Advice for Ireland-bound Researchers Launches New Data Collection for the UK and Ireland

The 1851 Dublin, Ireland City Census on CD-ROM Launches New United Kingdom and Ireland Family History Collection

CD-ROM: The Clans of Ireland

A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland

Ireland, ca.1500

Northeast Ireland Campaign, 1690

Problems Accessing Records in Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, 1610

Northeast Ireland Campaign, 1690

Ireland, 1641-1892

Wiltshire (England) Parish Records on CD-ROM; Virtual Ireland; to Attempt Online Reconstruction of the 1890 U.S. Census

Results of Fire and Famine: Census Records in Ireland 1813-1911

Tithe Applotment Books of Ireland, 1823-1838 on CD-ROM, South And West Wales Genealogical Index CD-ROM, and more.

Northeast Ireland Campaign, 1690

Western Ireland, 1691

Irish Coat of Arms


Ireland Gazetteer and Surname Guide

Knocktemple Old Cemetery Inscriptions, County Cavan, Ireland

Ireland Householder's Index, Antrim County

Antrim, Ireland: Parish and Probate Records

Down, Ireland: Parish and Probate Records

Louth, Ireland: Parish and Probate Records

Ireland 1766 Religious Census

Ireland, The Royal Irish Constabulary 1816-1921

Ship Passenger Lists from Ireland to America: Miscellaneous Ships

Scotch-Irish: The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland and North America, Vol. 2

Burke's Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland

Search Aids

Irish Immigrants to North America, 1803-1871 Irish to America, 1846-1865 Passenger and Immigration Lists Irish to America Passenger and Immigration Lists Volume 2, 1846-1886

Family History Centers

What is a Family History Center?
Family History Centers are branches of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.
Centers provide access to many of the microfilms and microfiche in the Family History Library to help you identify your ancestors.

Location and Hours
There are more than 3,400 centers worldwide. To find a Family History Center near you, see the list of addresses below.
Before you visit, you should contact the center to verify when it is open.

Staff members will show you around the center, answer some research questions (research expertise in each center varies), help you use center resources, and order microfilms and microfiche from the Family History Library.
Many centers offer classes on different genealogical research topics.

Most centers have a computer with FamilySearch, which helps you search for information about your ancestors. FamilySearch includes Family History Library Catalog, International Genealogical Index, Ancestral File, Social Security Death Index, Scottish Church Records and the United States Military Index
Most also have Personal Ancestral File, a computer program that allows you to organize your family history information.
Most centers also have a variety of resource files, microfilms, microfiche and published material such as genealogies, histories, gazetteers, atlases and maps at your disposal.

Family History Centers Near You

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