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New England Vital Records

Featured Article

New England Sources For Genealogists

Ė Kip Sperry

Genealogists doing research in the six New England statesóConnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermontówill find an abundance of state and local personal name indexes, printed sources, original records, computer databases, and Internet sites. This article briefly describes major New England sources for genealogists.

Many New England printed sources are available: compiled genealogies, local histories, biographies, town vital records, church records, census indexes, gravestone inscriptions, genealogical periodicals, immigration lists, newspapers, city directories, and many others. Click to Continue Article (offsite)

Awesome Genealogy Transcribed Databases

The Dead and Wounded from Benedict Arnold's Expeditionary Force in 1775
Passengers from various ships from Scotland to Massachussetts between 1716 and 1766.
Boston Port Arrivals of Irish Immigrants in 1762
Servants from the port of Bristol, England to New England between 1657 and 1686.
Somersworth Settlers in New Hampshire, New England from 1650 - 1700.
Officers of the 15th Regiment in New Hampshire, New England 1744.
Instances of longevity in Canterbury, New Hampshire, New England in the 18th Century.
Passengers from England to Boston, New England on the HAPY RETURNE June, 1670.
Passengers to New England on the ARABELLA May 27th, 1671.
Scottish Prisoners aboard the JOHN AND SARAH sent to New England in 1652.
SPEEDWELL: England to New England, 1656
SUSAN AND ELLEN: England to New England, 1635

Map of New England 1614
Map of New England in 1614
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New England Colonies, 1607-1760
New England, 1675
New England Colonies, 1607-1760


New England Towns and Their Primary Sources
New England Sources for Genealogists
New England's Migration Fever: The Expansion of America

Other Databases

English Origins of New England Families, 1500s-1800s
New England, 1600s-1900s Local and Family Histories
New England, 1900 Census Index
New England Irish Pioneers
New England Captives' Stories
New England Founders
New England Immigrants, 1700-75

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